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    This edition is packed with important information, including:

     updates about the Canadian Dental Care Plan

     a look back at 20 years of Fraud Prevention Month from then to now

    ➕ and more!

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    February 2024  -  Issue  45


    What in the name of humankind are we doing? 

    Original artwork by G. Gellman

    This one you gotta read - Lori lays it out in our latest blog          Lori asks more of our leaders - do they see the consequences of their decisions? do they care? is it more important to save our planet for future generations, or to prevent kids from flying a rainbow flag in school?  We've underinvested in everything that truly matters - the environment, education, nurses and care - because without any of those, what is the point in anything.   We've included a clip from the 1976 movie Network, remember that famous scene "We're Mad as Hell" was written 48 years ago and still resonates today.

    What we've learned this month: 
    Recently Lori and I spoke with a GP that specializes in geriatric care - and she echoed something we know to be true, the medical interventions are the very smallest part of "care" for our elderly loved ones - the care journey is so much more than the eventual health crisis.   We use the word journey quite deliberately, because we all age, if we're lucky, and we all face impairment of some kind: vision, hearing, mobility, memory - AND THAT'S OK.  It is all part of that cycle of life.  Knowing what is available to help is 50% of the solution.  We know what is available. Everyday we help families understand their options.   

    This month's tip:  
    You may not always be available to help your parents, but we are.  Call us.  It's what we do best. 


    Lori, Leigh & Ginny

    As always you can reach us at or

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