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Online Resource Directory

At Age-Friendly Consulting our goal is to provide you with an Online Resource Directory that will

empower you with the services and supports you need to take a proactive approach. We recognize

there are many pathways on our journey of life for the young, the older adults and everyone in


Our Age-Friendly Consulting Online Directory showcases Business categories in various geographic

regions. You will find the resource very user friendly.

  • Select the Business Category name in the drop-down menu. Business Categories are featured on previous page.
  • Select your Region from the drop-down menu.
  • You will find a complete overview of the company along with additional literature they have included for your reference.
  • Send message directly to the organization by clicking on the Company name left of their profile.

As we continue to build our Online Directory at Age-Friendly Consulting please be sure to share.

Life is one choice after another.

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