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Mission Statement

At Age-Friendly Consulting we build innovative collaborative relationships one community at a time. 

Vision Statement 

Our vision at Age-Friendly Consulting is to empower you 
with the resources today and for future generations.

About Me

I am a Wife of 40+ years, Mother of 2 grown children and a Grandmother of 6. I am truly blessed with many friends and professionals that I have met on my life journey. I am also a member of the Wasauksing First Nation, which is on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay.    

Life is truly a gift, I absolutely love spending time with my family, hiking as well as an endless list of outdoor activities.   Summer months are a time that I hold close to my heart, spending quality time with my mom.  Coming together in ceremony, dancing and fellowship on the Pow Wow trail. 

With 30+ years in Management, Business Development. I have inspired many collaborative and innovative partnerships.  I understand and appreciate that we all have a story to share. Building relationships with strong customer service skills improves accountability and most importantly, respect.  Providing motivational leadership and coaching- bridges pathways in urban and rural communities. 

As an Indigenous Entrepreneur I take immense pride in the vision that together we can align the support and services.  I genuinely believe we are here to be the best we can be.      

How can I help? 

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